Maverick 400

The Maverick 400 catamaran is a world-class yacht designed for a safe and comfortable life afloat with extra-wide hulls providing good load-carrying capacity with generous cabins and excellent visibility.


The Layout


Layout 01
layout 02
layout 02

Certified to the European Recreational Craft Directive Category A (Ocean), the Maverick 400 is capable of cruising the world’s oceans in total luxury.

The Polar Diagram


The Maverick 400 has won the South African Sailing Boat of the Year Award each year since its launch (2009 and 2010). 

There is nothing more exciting and pleasurable than living the life of an adventurer and sailor, cruising the oceans aboard your very own yacht… it’s pure freedom and with the Maverick 400 this lifestyle is made easy as it offers unrivalled flexibility and privacy.